• The Book of Herbal Wisdom by Matthew Wood
  • Cedar: Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians by Hilary Stewart
  • Columbia River Basketry: Gift of the Ancestors, Gift of the Earth by Mary Dodds Schlick
  • Culpeper’s Complete Herbal and English Physician by Nicholas Culpeper
  • Green Pharmacy by Barbara Griggs
  • The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual by James Green
  • Holistic Anatomy by Pip Waller
  • Homeopathic Materia Medica by William Boericke
  • The Heritage of Klickitat Basketry: A Heritage and Art Preserved by Nettie Kuneki, Elsie Thomas, and Marie Slockish
  • The Male Herbal by James Green
  • Medical Herbalism: The Science and Practice of Herbal Medicine by David Hoffmann
  • Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West by Michael Moore
  • Out of the Earth by Simon Y. Mills
  • Plants Of The Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alaska by Jim Pojar
  • Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants by Eliot Cowan
  • The Practicing Herbalist: Thoughts For Meeting With Clients by Margi Flint
  • Vitalism by Matthew Wood

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